Ausflugsziel Falkenschlucht

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  • Stopień trudności: średni
  • Trasa: 23,53 km
  • Podejście: 1.044 Hm
  • Zejście: 1.045 Hm
  • Czas trwania: 7:41 h
  • Najniższy punkt: 462 m
  • Najwyższy punkt: 1.356 m
  • Tour route
  • With refreshment stops
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Geological highlights

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The trail takes hikers through a wild and romantic gorge past some 100 m high cliffs. A recommended visit is the Nixhöhle (cave) and the typical farmhouses built in the Niederösterreich-style, as well as the beautiful picturesque valley. One can feel the power of the old Einweihungsort with its three magic points, which are called places of energy. 


From Türnitz, the entire line is marked red-white-red and leads the name österr. Long-distance trail 06. The Weidenau is a beautiful picturesque valley with vast meadows and woods, and cottages close to the road, and with old farm houses built in the typical Niederösterreich-style with interesting exterior facades. Through the gorge a path, surrounded by forest, rocks and the romantic Gebirgsbächlein. Even an approx. 70 m long cave, the Nixhöhle, is located in the Gorge.

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Opis drogi Ausflugsziel Falkenschlucht

On foot, it is approximately a 3.5 km walk through the narrow valley to the Falcon Gorge, a natural monument. In front of the hunting lodge Innereben at the crossroads the trail goes right along a marked path through the Dachsental (valley), where the Tirolerkogel can be reached with the Annaberger Hütte (cabin). A path with bridge equipment runs through the Gorge. After about 45 min of hiking through the Canyon one reaches a forest road. From there, one has two options: to the left on the forest road the trail goes back to the entrance of the Canyon or to the right the trail continues on the österr. Weitwanderweg 06. over Ulreichsberg to Mariazell.

Short version:

1.      Parking lot Eisernes Tor, on foot or by bicycle to the Falkenschlucht (canyon), through the gorge with a visit to the Nixhöhle (cave), on the forest road back to the Gorge's and on the same route back to the starting point, walking time approx. 2 1/2 hours, by bicycle about 1 1/2 hours. This track is an easy hike and is ideal for the whole family. This route can be also done from the car park in Türnitz.

2.      Parking lot Türnitz, Schildbachrotte, Weidenau, through the Falkenschlucht (canyon) on the forest road back to in front of the hunting lodge Innereben, at the crossroads, uphill on the selected path through the Dachsental (valley), Tirolerkogel with Annaberger House (accommodation), continue onto the Eibl (refreshments at the Teichhütte (cabin) of the Family Tröstl or on the "Wichtlalm" (cabin) of the family Schacherl, descent to Türnitz) walking time approximately 8 to 10 hours.

3.      Parking lot Türnitz, Schildbachrotte, Weidenau, through the Falkenschlucht (canyon), on the Weitwanderweg 06 continue via the Ulreichsberg to Mariazell, with the Postbus (bus) back to Türnitz. Walking time approx. 6 h


Coming from direction St. Pölten, drive past the parking lot on the B 20 in the city of Türnitz, after about 500 m, turn left direction Weidenau-Falkenschlucht. The valley becomes thinner about 5.5km from the parkinglot in Türnitz. This closing is called the Iron Gate. Shortly after is a parking lot where the drive ends.


Parking lot Türnitz

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