EuroVelo 9: Wiener Neustadt – Mönichkirchen leg

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55,75 km Długość

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  • Stopień trudności: średni
  • Trasa: 55,75 km
  • Podejście: 820 Hm
  • Zejście: 158 Hm
  • Czas trwania: 3:40 h
  • Najniższy punkt: 267 m
  • Najwyższy punkt: 957 m
  • Nice views
  • With refreshment stops
  • Suitable for families and children
  • Cultural/historical value
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This section of the EuroVelo 9 runs alongside meadows and fields. Always in focus: the Viennese Alpine range.  A cycle path with a gentle incline running through the Bucklige Welt up to Mönichkirchen.


The leg of the EuroVelo 9 running through the Viennese Alpine range is only 50km long, but this cycling route runs through beautiful scenery. At the foot of the Bucklige Welt this route leads from the valley into the alpine scenery of the Wechsel area. 

The leg of EuroVelo 9 starts at the gates to the Viennese Alpine range, focusing the visitor’s sight on the diverse mountain shapes, similar to the great Alpine range.

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Wiener Neustadt

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Opis drogi EuroVelo 9: Wiener Neustadt – Mönichkirchen leg

The leg of EuroVelo 9 through the Viennese Alps starts at the Wiener Neustadt Train Station. After leaving the urban area, the route runs via Katzelsdorf and Lanzenkirchen to Bad Erlach, to the Linsberg Asia Spa. Cycling along the Rosalia ridge we arrive at Walpersbach. The rest of the route leads via Pitten, Seebenstein, Scheiblingkirchen-Thernberg and Warth to Grimmenstein. Enjoying the hill ridge of the Bucklige Welt to the left and right, EuroVelo 9 runs along a flat route through Edlitz and Thomasberg to Aspang Markt. Here the route becomes more challenging and we arrive at Mönichkirchen via Aspangberg - St. Peter.


Drive by car on Highway A2 to Wiener Neustadt. Turn off going towards city center. The Train Station going toward Mönichkirchen is the recommended starting point.

Alternatively, there is the option of driving to Mönichkirchen and cycling on the cycle path going towards Wiener Neustadt.


There is an adequate number of parking spaces around the Train Station in Wiener Neustadt.

There are parking spaces in Mönichkirchen for the route going to Wiener Neustadt.

For the trip to Wiener Neustadt, the Südbahn route with international express trains departing from Vienna and Graz are recommended.

As taking bicycles onto the regional train is permitted from the Wiener Neustadt station on, it is possible to do the EuroVelo 9 going northward, i.e. from Aspang am Wechsel to Wiener Neustadt.

For more information go to www.ö

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Viennese Alps in Lower Austria,, +43 / 2622 / 78960

Free cycling information leaflets on your tour are available here. The tour leaflets provide an overview of the route and inform you of stops and sights. Please be advised that this is not a proper cycling map.


We advise you to wear a bicycle helmet on tours. Wear suitable clothing and sturdy shoes. Don’t forget rain and sun protection. Take enough liquids for hydration.

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The entire cycling route is on cycle paths  off the street. It is accordingly especially suitable for families with children. Get the weather report in advance.

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The almost parallel running Train route starting from Wiener Neustadt is a possible return route.

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