Abbey Church of Dürnstein



The history of Dürnstein Abbey starts in 1372 when Elsbeth of Kuenring had a chapel built in her castle. It was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In 1410 she invited the Augustinian-Canons from Wittingau in Bohemia to take over the pastoral care and thus started Dürnstein Abbey. During the following century the church, the cloister and the monastic building were constructed and enlarged.

300 years after its foundation Hieronymus Übelbacher was elected Provost. He was the mastermind behind the baroque transformation of Dürnstein Abbey. The abbey church, which is also the parish church since 1745, is consecrated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary (celebrated on 15. August). The bell tower of the abbey church dates back to 1733 is the most remarkable building of the complex and, due to its blue-white colour, became the landmark of the Wachau Valley. Emperor Joseph II dissolved many abbeys including Dürnstein Abbey. On the January 7, 1788 it was incorporated into the Abbey of the Augustinian-Canons of Herzogenburg, to which it still belongs today.

In 2019, a new chapter in the diverse history of Dürnstein Abbey starts. With the new exhibition “Discovery of the Precious” we invite you to immerse yourself in the spiritual scheme woven into this building and to contemplate “the good – the beautiful – the true”. Recommended length of visit is one hour. Audio guide in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German available. Guided English tours upon prior request!


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